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While jetting across the country trumpeting the supposed success of “Bidenomics,” Vice President Kamala Harris had this to say, “Most Americans are a $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy.” What’s not to love?

The White House must not be seeing the same headlines we are about record inflation, declining income, and concerning job trends. President Joe Biden’s rampant spending has destroyed the economic comfort and prosperity of the previous administration — something even the most devout anti-Trumpers are becoming nostalgic about as family budgets grow tighter and tighter.

Biden erroneously claims that his energy policies are a panacea that will offer Americans the best of both worlds, saving money and protecting the environment. The president has made poor policy choices about many things – but when it comes to energy, he’s never been more wrong and has weakened our country in the process.

Every second of our lives revolves around energy. It’s not just about electricity for our fridges and gas for our cars, although those are significant. We need energy to power the production, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and marketing of every item we purchase. From eggs and aspirin to socks and dish soap, literally everything we use depends on energy.

Rising energy costs have been particularly painful. Biden wasted no time declaring war on fossil fuels: tightening regulations on fossil fuel producers, bloating the federal bureaucracy with a “whole of government” approach to climate change, and forcing green investments on public pensions at the expense of return on investment.

Wind and solar energy have always turned out to be more expensive and less reliable than fossil fuels. (Their environmental record isn’t great, either.) The pro-energy, pro-business policies of the previous administration saved the average family of four an estimated $2,500.

Since Biden’s inauguration those savings have been completely wiped out as gas prices have doubled, now costing the average family $2,800 more per year.

Environmentalists claim that renewable energy will alleviate all these woes if it can only get the right boost from the government (which, of course, means from us, the taxpayers).

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